Become one with nature.


Pimped out camper van adventures in Vancouver, British Columbia

Hi. My name is Andrew. I spend my time restoring and renovating camper vans. Then I rent them out to support my habit! I’m stoked to hook you up with an awesome, reliable and affordable camper van for your next adventure. I can even provide some great suggestions for beautiful, scenic and memorable adventures. Let’s get you on the road!


This could be your campfire.

This view. This campfire. These memories. They are all within reach! We are an independent, boutique recreational vehicle renter and we want you to have these types of experiences!


What are people saying?

Slater was such a great travel companion! We had everything we needed for an excellent trip! Thanks for the awesome adventure slater! Drop off and pick up were very easy and Andrew was helpful and great, he even gave us his number for any questions or concerns. We hop to see Slater for another adventure one day.

Jaycee B, Renter - October 2019