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Hi! My name is Andrew, thanks for stopping by my website. I love to restore, renovate and rent out camper vans. I am stoked to set you up with an awesome affordable camper van for your next adventure.


Let me explain, briefly, how this all works.

Decide to go on an epic road trip!

Choose your vehicle and your dates

Confirmed! You're on your way!

After we have agreed on dates and a vehicle for your trip I’ll send you an invoice for the rental payment and security deposit. Your booking is not complete or guaranteed until the rental payment has been confirmed.


You will then receive a booking confirmation email which will provide pick up / drop off details and all the necessary info for your trip.


Pricing is more competitive when booked direct, save up to 12% and you get personal service, 24/7 text support and a human being that answers the phone when you call. No one knows these vehicles better then me!


Yes, you can rent my camper vans at or if you want. Some people prefer to deal with a larger third party booking company, I totally understand. Either option provides you with $2 million full insurance coverage, optional emergency road side assistance and the same cancellation policy. Regardless how you book we appreciate you supporting our local small business! Are you ready to hit the road? Click the Book Now button below.